Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Frenzy

OK, I posted this last night and somehow I deleted it. So here goes again! 

On November 20th my friend Heather and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Jenny. She is expecting a baby girl sometime around January 1st or 2nd. All of the guests were scrappy or crafty friends of Jenny. Her Mom Janet and mom in law Pat, also came. 

Since Jenny is having a girl we could use lots of pink! Since I am the mom of three boys, I have not had much chance to use pink in my mommy years. It was a fun change of pace! 

I made this banner for a shower decoration and a gift for Jenny for baby Isabel's room. 
The garland is made from about 5" size paper hearts sewn together and stuffed with tissue to make them puffy. I added a crepe paper rosette, a scalloped circle and a glass glittered chipboard letter to spell Isabel. The small hearts at the ends are the same except I added a little resin rose.

The hearts were all tied together with silk seam binding bows. I love how it turned out. 

The bouquet below is made up of similar hearts. Each heart had a guests initial on it and we used them as favors for the shower. We attached them to skewers for the bouquet, but the guests could take them off and hang the heart or use it for an ornament. 

Heather made the cute pink cupcakes and added pretty pearls and toppers to welcome baby Isabel. 

The party table all ready for guests. 

 We served appetizers to start and a dinner after. We used no paper goods for the shower except for a few napkins. I enjoyed getting out some of my pretty dishes, serve ware and linens. 

I found this little wooden ironing board while on vacation in Oregon in September. I thought it would be fun to use as decor for the shower. I had one like this when I was small. The card below the ironing board was the invitation I sent out for the shower. The little boot vase holding the pink roses was a vase my mother in law received when my hubby was born, in 1950. And a little glittered crown is what every little girl needs. 

Our guest of honor Jenny with me and Heather. 

My shower gift to Jenny was this little doll bed and dolly. 

The little bed started out as a simple doll bed set from Ikea. Cute but very gender neutral. Since the baby will be a girl, I could not resist painting it pink and sewing new pretty pink linens. 

And sewing a baby girl doll with curly blond hair, like Jenny!

I hope Isabel enjoys her dolly & bed. 

It was so much fun to plan and co-host the shower for Jenny. I enjoyed every minute of it! 
Jenny has wanted a baby for a long time and I know she and her hubby Jim will be great parents! 

And I can't wait to meet Isabel! 

Let me know if you would like more details on the paper crafts or sewing projects!

November Daily Thankfulness x3

November 28th, 29th & 30th.

I have not been on the computer much in the last 3 days. One of the reasons why is that I am very thankful for the early Christmas gift I received. A new iPhone! 

My son gave it to me for Christmas and let me have it early. I have had so much fun playing with it I have not been here! I am so very thankful the last three days of November. 

And busy crafting (to be seen tomorrow). 

And taking down all the Fall decor so I can put out all my Christmas decorations. 

I can't wait to put the Christmas decor around the house! 

The trees, the village, Santas, Snowmen, and more! 

I will post my hand crafted decor after I put it all up around the house. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 26th

Today I am thankful to be home! 

I enjoyed my visit with my sister in Oregon. We had a nice visit, ate a delicious Thanksgiving meal, had a fun day out shopping (away from the big box stores). I did my Small Business Saturday shopping on Friday! 
But home safe and sound in my own bed is wonderful!

Today we drove home from Oregon down Hwy 5. Not as lovely a drive as Hwy 101, but there was a dusting of snow on the hills and Mt Shasta's snow covered peak was beautiful! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 24th and 25th

Since I am away from home right now, celebrating the Thanksgiving weekend with my sister in Oregon, my Internet access is limited. 

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we had just a small group to celebrate, me, my sister Lou, my hubby Bill and son Henry. Though we were a small group, we had a big meal. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans (but not the yucky green bean casserole, sorry if you like it), cranberries and pumpkin pie for dessert. Champagne and cider to top off the meal.

I was so thankful for my family there, but missed my two older sons, Daniel and Ben. Daniel was at his girl friends as he could not travel to Oregon with us and Ben had to work. Ben thankfully had a holiday meal with all his co-workers, so he got to celebrate too.

It is hard now that my boys are growing older and not always with us to celebrate every holiday. But they have grown into wonderful young men who have never given us any serious trouble and avoided so many of the trials that teens go through. They make us proud!

Today we will all be shopping, but hitting all the "fun" stores and avoiding the big "Black Friday"
crowds at the mall and big box stores.
I am thankful today for shopping in Oregon, no sales tax!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 22 and 23rd

I was busy yesterday the 22nd getting ready to travel north to visit my sis in Oregon. I did not get a chance to post for yesterday,so I guess I am thankful I was busy getting ready to travel.

Today we traveled up hwy 101and hwy 199 to my sister's in Oregon. We started out with cloudy weather from home to Eureka and after Eureka we hit lots of rain. All the way north.

But despite the rain, the trip was uneventful. Just lots and lots of beautiful scenery to admire. The Avenue of the Giants is always a beautiful side route to follow and hwy 199 along the Smith river is another beautiful roadway. The fall color was beautiful in the vineyards and the trees. One of my favorite times of the year.

I am very thankful we had no car trouble and the roadways were clear, even with all the rain.

And now turkey day tomorrow! Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cranberries and pumpkin pie.


Monday, November 21, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 21st

Today I am thankful for these two little fur babies, Hayley and Trigger. 

They always greet you at the door with excited faces and wagging tales. No matter what the day may have brought you, they are happy to see you! 

They require so little. A warm bed, a full dinner bowl and a scratch or two behind the ears and they will love you forever. It is easy to be thankful for such devotion and love. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 20th

Today I am thankful for my hubby, Bill. 

Today I hosted the baby shower for Jenny. We had a great group of gals come to celebrate with Jenny and are looking forward to welcoming baby Isabel. 

The shower went well and after all the ladies left, I had pile of dishes to clean. I put the leftovers away, and was going to relax for a bit before "clean up". But my hubby went in the kitchen and started cleaning up the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher and washed all the big bowls, etc.
While I relaxed and posted my photos from the shower on Facebook. 

I didn't ask or expect Bill to clean up after my party, but I appreciate that he did. 

We have been married almost 32 years now (come February).

There have been ups and downs as in all marriages, but over time Bill has been very thoughtful and I am thankful to have shared my life with him. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 19th

Tomorrow I am hosting a baby shower for my friend Jenny. Her daughter Isabel is only about 6 weeks from making her debut to the world. 

Our friend Heather is co-hosting the shower with me. I have been having so much fun planning the shower as I have three boys and seldom get to live in a world of pink and girly stuff! 

Today I bought a few last minute items for the shower. I went to our local candy emporium Powell's Sweet shop to buy pink M&M's and Jelly Belly's for the shower. 

I looked on line for candy in pink and there were so many to choose from. But since I needed them for just the shower, I did not want to buy the big minimum quantities, so I bought mine locally. 
But there were so many choices! Pages and pages of candy in pink! 
And just as many for other colors also! 

So today I am thankful my friend Jenny is going to become the mom she has wanted to be for a long time, in just six or so weeks. And thankful I have been able to plan this shower for her to celebrate Isabel's arrival.
And thankful to play in a world of pink

Friday, November 18, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 18th

I am thankful today for my sister-in-law Joanne. She is my not only my sister-in-law but my friend.
I can always count on her for help, for fun, for anything!

She has been very good to her nephews and taken them on many trips and adventures.

She is funny and giving. She is the family historian and always keeps in touch of all of the family,
both near and far. We love her and are thankful she lives right next door!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness x3

November 15th, 16th & 17th. 

Three days of thankfulness I missed posting, but the three things I am most thankful for. 

My three boys. 

No longer this small and sweet, but still my most precious treasures. 

I am even more thankful for the three fine young men they have grown to be. 

From Free to Fabulous

Back in September during my visit to my sisters place in Oregon I went to several thrift, vintage and antique stores. While I was buying another cabinet which will be refinished in the future, the store owner asked if I wanted this sewing chair. 
Since it was such a great deal, I said yes. It was FREE!

It had a good finish, just some old tape residue and old '60's "style". And a really ugly and dingy print fabric on the seat and back. But it has handy storage in the seat!

Since the chair was free I figured I could experiment with the new 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint paint I wanted to try. 
I removed the seat and back and cleaned the wood. No sanding or stripping required. I applied two coats of Old White chalk paint. After it dried, I added the first coat of wax. After the wax dried I sanded the finish to smooth it out and distress the edges to give it an aged look. Another coat of wax and buffing and the chair was ready for some new cushions. 
I stripped the old fabric and foam from the seat and back. After I added some new high density foam to the seat board and covered the foam with the new fabric. The fabric was another bargain from my favorite thrift store, The Legacy
I secured the fabric at the center top with my staple gun, then moved to the center bottom and secured that. Then to each side. And then each corner.

Then I stapled all around the edge and trimmed the excess fabric. 

I did the same with each front and back piece. I reassembled the chair and all done! 

I will use the chair in my scrap/craft room when I sew. I don't know what I will store in the seat. I have plenty of sewing and craft supplies so I know I can find something to stash in there. 

A close up of the finish. I distressed the edges of the chair to look old and vintage, just not 1960's old

Thanks for visiting! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness x2

Missed a day, so I have two to post today!

November 13th.

I am thankful for one of our fall and winter traditions here on the ranch. When we can burn chip piles from the firewood we have a hot dog roast over the coals. 
Usually the coals are just right about dinner time. 
We cook the "dogs" on the pitch fork and eat outside in the field. A cold weather picnic. 
And I am even more thankful when we have marshmallows to roast too!

November 14th. 

The holiday season is upon us, less than 2 weeks until Thanksgiving. And the Christmas ads are already in full swing. 
I love the holidays and love to decorate. 
I am thankful this love of decorating has rubbed off on my sons. They spent their Sunday putting out the holiday lights and figures. Our yard is  alight with Christmas Cheer/1 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

Novenber 12th.

Today was a quiet day. I didn't have to go anywhere and chose not to go anywhere. 

I relaxed a little, cleaned a little, watched a movie. Baked a cake, made a big pot of chili for dinner. 

Thankful that there was no where I had to go today and make that 15-20 mile drive just to get gas, groceries or about anything. 

Thankful that I could just enjoy a relaxing day and take the time to appreciate a beautiful sunset. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 11th.


Today is a day we should all be thankful. And not just on 11/11/11, Veteran's Day.
But every day. Especially thankful for our service men and women,
in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard and all who have served to protect our nation and our flag. Many serve even when they are not sure of the reasons they have been sent to serve, but honor the pledge they took to serve their country and defend our flag.

My Heros

Ray Feige             William Feige              John Nally

Thank you for your service.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 10th.

Football ended tonight. My sons freshman team played their last game of the season.
No, they did not win, but they played with heart. They were a very small team, usually only 3 to 5 team members on the sidelines during games, while opposing teams often had 20 to 30 players on the sidelines waiting to play.

I am thankful that no player was hurt this season.
And that all the boys played to win, despite being out numbered by every other team.

My son is the big guy, #60. 
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 9th.

Today I am thankful for my scrap room and all my scrap, craft & sewing supplies. 

I love to craft all the time and having a full supply of goodies in my room means I can start a project whenever inspiration hits! And not have to run out to the store to find something. Which is hard to do at 11:00 pm at night, especially when you live out in the country. 

I will be the first to admit that my room seldom looks like this! Usually after a bout of crafting it looks like a hurricane blew through the room! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 8th.

Today I am thankful for modern medicine! I recently had a cold and like almost all of the colds I get, they turn into a nasty dry cough. It is hard to talk, hard to do much activity and hard to breathe if I go outside in the cold dry air. 

I made an appointment with my doctor today, after only a week and a half of this cough. Usually I wait three weeks before I break down and see the Dr. This time I decided why wait 3 weeks? Why not see the Dr. early and get rid of it sooner!

 Three prescriptions later (a pill and two inhalers) I am hopefully on the mend. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 7th.

Today I am thankful for being able to spend some time with my friend Heather working on 
"baby shower" projects our friend Jenny

We are hosting a shower for Jenny in a couple of weeks and needed to get together to plan and work on favors and such. The photo above is just a "sneak peek" of the shower decorations, since Jenny reads my blog, I can't share all the decorations until the shower. 

Jenny has been wanting a baby for a long time and we are all excited for her and her hubby Jimmy to welcome Isabel Dorothy when she arrives around Jan 1st or 2nd. 
(Or when Isabel decides it is time to arrive! )

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 6th.

Today I am thankful for sweet little babies. I got to meet the newest member
of my extended family today.

Sweet little Chase.

He is just a month old and this was the first time I could get together with his mom to meet him. I wanted to see him last week, but I had a nasty cold and did not want to expose the little guy to that! 

A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
Eda J. Le Shan

Sweet little babies, so new, so perfect, so loved! 

Welcome little Chase! We are so thankful you are here and glad to have you join our family!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 5th.

Today I will be thankful for the rain. A few days ago I was thankful for the sunshine so I could finish a painting project. Now I am thankful for today's rain. 

It is getting late in the season and this is only the second rain we have had and it is needed! I love the rain and winter season. Rainy days are so nice for staying inside and reading, snuggling on the couch or doing a fun crafty project. 

Plus, I am getting tired of watering my potted plants on my deck! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 4th.

Today I am grateful for the fresh eggs we receive from our chickens. We started raising chickens this spring when my son Daniel built a chicken coop and bought 10 little chicks. Five Red Sex Links and five Ameraucanas. In September he added four mallard ducks to our brood.

We ended up with two roosters in the bunch. One we returned to the farm supply, the other we kept. He greets us with his crowing at all times of the day and night, not just dawn. I don't know how much longer my son will keep him around. I sleep right through his crowing!

Each day we check the nests and there are often two or three eggs. Or more. When we hear a lot of cackling from the hen house, sure bet there is another egg.
The girls are quite proud of themselves when they deliver!
And it is a double delight when these fresh eggs contain a double yolk! Something you seldom find in eggs from the grocery store!

We have had cattle and sheep here on the ranch for years. Raising animals is part of our routine.

But to enjoy the fresh eggs our new hens produce
is truly something to be thankful for!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 3rd.

Today I traveled to San Francisco for Job search training and I am so thankful for no traffic on Hwy 101! 
I was able to get to the city early and had time to stop at Japan Town and shop for a bit.

From a visit with my son's class last year.

I got a great book, Tilda's Studio that had some pretty sewing projects and crafts at Kinokunyia Bookstore in   JapanTown. They have a big selection of craft and sewing books.

Sometimes it is the simple things like no traffic on Hwy 101!

Fabric Flowers

 I have been sewing since I was a young girl. I have always had a love for fabric. I have never been much of a quilter, but totes, bags, toys, clothes, pillows and things for my home have run under the feet of my sewing machine. 
Collecting fabric has been something I have always done too. My collection started when my older sister Lou would send me fabric scraps and remnants from her sewing projects. 
Oh the fun things I could create from all those pretty fabrics! 

Fabric collectors are just like scrappers who love their pretty paper! And I love to collect that too! 
And now you can buy the same pretty prints in fabric and paper! Both Moda brand or Stampin' Up sell fabric that coordinates with scrapbook/card making papers!

So I can also use those pretty fabrics in my scrapping and card making too. 

Below are three cards where I have used fabric to make the flower embellishments and a fourth where I have used a standard sewing staple, a zipper, for a flower too!  

The easiest flower to make is the fabric YoYo. 

Cut a circle of fabric about twice the size of the finished yoyo. Find a circle twice the size you need and trace it on the back side of your fabric. Fold over about 1/8th to 1/4 of an inch along the edge. Hand sew with a knotted, doubled thread along the fold with a running stitch. Keep folding and stitching until you go all around the circle. Pull up the thread until tight and you have a small gathered circle in the middle. Make a    couple of small stitches to secure your circle. Trim your thread and you are done! Simple!

For the twisted fabric flower, you need to start with a circle of heavy duty tacky tape. A quick way to cut a circle is to use your die cutter. A link is here for Glubers, pre-made adhesive circles. There is a tutorial on the site to make these flowers. I did not follow this tutorial so check it out. I had lots of adhesive sheets, so I made my own.

Once you have your adhesive circle peel off one side of the backing and place the circle on a scrap of any used sticker backing paper. I used the empty sheet of Avery address labels. Set this aside.

Next tear a 1" strip of fabric. For a 2" flower you will need a strip of fabric 1" by 23". Tear along the crosswise grain of the fabric. "Fat quarters" (18"x23") are an easy source to buy for fabrics. 

Pinch the end of the fabric strip and center it on the circle of adhesive. Twist the fabric strip around on itself several times and slowly adhere the twisted strip to the adhesive in a spiral working from the center out until you fill up the circle. If you have extra at the end, trim off all but about 1 inch. Fold back the backing and tuck the fabric tail under the circle. 
Then you are ready to attach it to your card or scrapbook page. 

 The next flower is made from zipper. You can buy zipper ribbon now, but there is no shop in my area that sells it. I went to my local fabric and craft thrift store, The Legacy. They sell new and used zippers any size from 10 to 35 cents. And I showed up on 50% off day, so I paid 5 to 17 cents each!!

I separated my 22" zipper and used just one half, so I can make two flowers for 17 cents! 
Start with another doubled, knotted thread and needle. Fold under the end and start a running stitch. After about 3-4 inches, pull up the thread to slightly gather the zipper. Tack the circle together from the back side. 

From the back side fold and pinch and tack the zipper edge around the circle until you reach the end of the zipper. Tack a few stitches at the end of the zipper to the back of the flower to secure. 

Place a circle of heavy duty adhesive on the back of the zipper circle and you are done! The zipper coils are often painted to match the fabric, so you can spiral the zipper with the color side up or down. 

All papers used on the cards are from Stampin' Up. 

Thanks for checking out my blog, any questions?? Leave a comment. I love to hear from you!