Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Daily Thankfulness

November 19th

Tomorrow I am hosting a baby shower for my friend Jenny. Her daughter Isabel is only about 6 weeks from making her debut to the world. 

Our friend Heather is co-hosting the shower with me. I have been having so much fun planning the shower as I have three boys and seldom get to live in a world of pink and girly stuff! 

Today I bought a few last minute items for the shower. I went to our local candy emporium Powell's Sweet shop to buy pink M&M's and Jelly Belly's for the shower. 

I looked on line for candy in pink and there were so many to choose from. But since I needed them for just the shower, I did not want to buy the big minimum quantities, so I bought mine locally. 
But there were so many choices! Pages and pages of candy in pink! 
And just as many for other colors also! 

So today I am thankful my friend Jenny is going to become the mom she has wanted to be for a long time, in just six or so weeks. And thankful I have been able to plan this shower for her to celebrate Isabel's arrival.
And thankful to play in a world of pink

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