Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Crafting

While browsing Pinterest I found a lovely burlap wreath that said it was the easiest burlap wreath to make. All it required was a roll of burlap and a 14 in wire wreath frame. And the decorations of your choice. I found what I needed at Michael's. I already had the eggs and found a nest at Beverly's.
It was very easy to create, just pull loops of burlap through the sections of the wire wreath frame, evenly spacing the loops and pulling and twisting the loops to get the look I wanted. 
I wired the nest to the wreath and just tucked sprigs of the blossoms in between the loops. 
Since nothing is glued to the burlap I can change the wreath decor with the seasons. 

You can find a photo pictorial at the link below.

My next Easter craft project were these little baskets or treat cups made from fancy cupcake papers. The ones I used came from the Martha Stewart line at Michael's.

I made these first two at a fundraising crop I went to hosted by my friend Heather
to raise money for her son's baseball league. It was a great crop and I would have made more that day, but I ran out of double stick tape!!

So this week I made a few more!

Below is the pile of supplies I used to make the baskets. The most important supply is a messy scrap table. Because no matter how often I pick up after myself I get crafty and make another mess!

This the tape I used. It comes in several different brands and widths. I used the 
1/8th inch size for my baskets.

Step one: cut about 1 inch off a standard piece of pipe cleaner or chenille stick. 
Cut a 1 inch wide piece of crepe paper twice the length of the pipe cleaner. 

 Using needle and thread make a running stitch down the middle of the crepe paper. Fold down the ends twice to make a sturdier support for the thread. 
When you have stitched the length of the paper, slowly gather the crepe paper until it is about an inch shorter at each end than the pipe cleaner. 

Place a strip of the super tacky tape along the center of the gathered strip of crepe paper, 
over the thread. Set aside. 

Using my Martha Stewart multi blade scissors I cut fringe into a strip of green crepe paper. 

I cut two strips of crepe paper to fit twice around the inside of the cup. I used more 
super tacky tape on the inside of the cake cup. 

I adhered the crepe paper around the inside and repeated this step to make a double row of fringe. 

The next step was to adhere the handle to the inside of the cup with more sticky tape. 

I used a paper punch to make a decorative paper strip from cardstock. This one has a hole pattern that I could weave ribbon through. 

Using a large needle I wove some seam binding ribbon through the holes. Paper is fragile, 
so I did this very carefully. I left about 5 inches of ribbon at both ends of the paper strip to tie a bow. 

More super sticky tape to adhere this strip to the basket between the paper cup and grass fringe. I centered the strip with center front of the basket.

I tied a bow with the ends of the ribbon. 

Next I added a flower to the basket handle and added a punched butterfly as an accent. I line of glitter glue (Stickles) down the center of the butterfly for a body. 

I used a layered paper flower with a brad here, but I also used a die cut flower and a 
vintage millinery flower on others. 

Add some Easter grass, Easter eggs, or better yet, chocolate eggs and you are all done!!

Filled with some chocolate or other goodies it will make a sweet Easter treat, 
or with pretty eggs, a bit of Easter decor. 


  1. Very cute as always

  2. Great projects and excellent tutorial.

  3. These Easter baskets are adorable!! Very cute project. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the burlap wreath! I really need to try and make some of the stuff I am always pinning on Pinterest. LOL. And I got to watch you make the little Easter baskets, and they are of course adorable!

  5. I am a new follower and can't wait to see what else you come up with. Your wreath is AMAZING and those little baskets? Adorable.

  6. Both of those projects are great - the little baskets are totally adorable and your tutorial is fantastic!

  7. Found you on the 2peas thread. You ate so creative. I love your projects. New follower!


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