Thursday, April 28, 2011

I got a new toy today, don't be Jealous!

I got a new toy today. I was shopping at JoAnn Fabrics and all their sewing notions were half off! So I could not resist picking up a few necessities and of course a few "wants" too!
One of my wants has been a new one of these. And if JoAnn Fabrics says it is a sewing notion,
I won't argue.

Now don't be jealous I bought a new ironing board! I know, an ironing board is not the stuff of every woman's dreams, but if you sew a lot, it is a wonderful tool. My new one also has an iron holder at the end, very handy, as I am notorious at bumping my board and sending the iron flying. And you don't want to "catch" a hot iron!! (Don't ask how I know this).
The ironing board will be a nice addition to my two other trusty sewing companions, my sewing machine and serger. I have had my Husqvarna (Viking) machine for over 25 years and still sews perfectly. And to think Husqvarna also makes chain saws? And yes, we have many of their saws around our ranch.
My little Husky Lock makes beautiful finished seams.

I am planning several new sewing projects so a new board will make the sewing go much smoother.

I made these curtains for my bedroom in March. I love toile prints and am happy with my new curtains.
But my old chair is looking shabby with its mis-matched hand me down stripes from two other rooms.
So the machine and ironing board will get put to good use making a new matched set.
I also have my red case I found at the antique faire that will become my beading case. It needs a new inside lid to hold my beading tools that I am planning to make. I have not decided if I will use the vintage fabric I found or raid my fabric stash or buy new.
I have several other sewing plans in the "planning in my head" stage. A new pincushion, a new purse, a new tote, new living room curtains? The list goes on. If only the time would go on and on too!


  1. You are such a whiz on the sewing machine! Love the curtains you made! And I agree, your poor chair deserves some new cushions. I scored some pretty fabric during Joanne's 50% off sale and hope to drag out my sewing machine and make some new pillows soon.

  2. Nice! Funny how we get thrilled with items others don't like....I'm not a lover of the iron or the board in general, but was so happy to get my new vacuum for my anniversary gift, lol.
    Your curtains look great!

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with that chair!


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