Friday, April 15, 2011

Chocolate Bunny Basket

The other day I posted this photo as inspiration for a basket I wanted to make to use my old, battered, white paper mache bunny. I loved the greenery and the old basket with the hints of old green paint. The inspiration basket is from Martha Stewart, where everything is always so beautiful. The paper mache bunny will last so much longer at my house. A real chocolate bunny would last about 5 minutes.

This is my version below. My basket started out as a bright green Easter basket. It was St Patty's day bright. I gave it a dip in a bleach/water mixture to take off some of the color. After it was dry, I gave the basket a chocolate brown wash with acrylic paint and rubbed most of it off. Then I went over the basket with some green paint and rubbed most of that off too. I still wanted to see the basket underneath.

I lined the basket with floral foam and covered that with moss. I found this pretty green fern to fill around the rim, and added several spring flowers. Bright mossy green ribbons and some colorful eggs fill up the basket.

My bunny got a new coat of chocolate paint and a blue bow. I was originally thinking of covering the bunny with brown glitter, but I liked the chocolate paint, so decided I can always add the glitter later if I
change my mind.
My basket is a different look from my inspiration basket. I could not find a beautiful basket with a tall enough handle to fit my bunny, or one that I could afford. And I strayed from the all green color tones and added more color with my flowers and eggs. But I love color so it fits my style more and will make a great centerpiece for my Easter table.


  1. Berta I love your version, your chocolate bunny looks good enough to eat!

  2. That bunny looks like real chocolate! I still think you might find a bite taken out of it :) And I love the vibrant colors in your basket, much better than Martha's !!!!

  3. Oh, very cute!! You faux chocolate bunny looks good enough to eat!


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