Friday, April 22, 2011

Decoration Inspiration

My friend Jenny loves to decorate and paint her home! We joke if you stand still long enough, she will paint you! But she has beautiful taste and has been on a painting spree lately. You can see her work on her blog.

I don't know if it is because Jenny has inspired me, or it is spring cleaning time or a big family reunion at my house in June, I have several decorating projects on my mind. The biggest would be my gallery wall in my long hallway. It is similar to the one below, but not nearly as neat and organized as I have added to it over the years.

I love this look, with all different frames, as I have now. But I have been wanting to update my gallery and make most of the frames black. I love this cohesive look, but I know I will also would like to add in a bit of metal or color.
 I saw this photo of the frames hanging from picture rails and like this idea also, as you would be able to rearrange you photos at will. Decisions, decisions!

When looking for photo galleries I saw this mirror at Pottery Barn and remembered I have an old mirror in my attic that used to be on a dresser I now use in my craft room.
(The black dresser in my blog header photo).
It is now just has an old and discolored oak finish and could use a bit of color.
Another project to add to the list.

I also saw this lamp in the May/June issue of Country Living. I have many old jars and bottles I could turn into a lamp. In Country Living they filled the bottle with dictionary pages. This would be fun to change out with the seasons. I love the shells and sand for summer, Snow glitter and Styrofoam balls at Christmas?
The possibilities are endless!

I also saw this table at Funky Junk Interiors and Donna has a wonderful tutorial on how to paint old signs. I love how she turned the "sign" into a table! And you can see it again in the May 2011 edition of Romantic Homes! I will be checking out the newsstands!

Lots of projects to look forward too. I need to "paint" my entire house desperately but until I have my long unplanned break from work coming up in September, it will be little projects to tide me over.
That is unless I can bribe Jenny with Starbucks, and she will paint for me. After all, she will eventually run out of rooms to paint!!!!


  1. So I see the painting/decorating bug has traveled down the road ;) It's a fun, but exhausting bug to have. After my bedroom, my next paint project is the family room....I'm tired of the brown suede. Cute lamp, mirror,and table! And I think a mixture of black, silver and gold frames would look great on your gallery wall. I bet you can't wait to have some off to tackle your list of projects!

  2. I love the hanging rail idea!


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