Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scrapbook Floral Bracelet

 I love to do many crafts and hobbies. Scrapbooking, papercrafts, sewing, beading to name a few. Which means I have a lot of craft supplies. When I can combine some of my supplies from different crafts it is icing on the cake. When I ordered some Stampin' Up supplies it included these pretty resin roses. I knew they would look good on a card or a scrapbook page, but after I got them I thought they would look pretty in some jewelry too!

I used flat bezel bracelet blanks and combined them with my roses and a few jewelry supplies and made several pretty bracelets.
I found many other scrapbook flowers made by Prima, Maya Road and Michaels.
I got my bracelet blanks from my sister from Britex Fabrics in SF. You can find some here Bracelet finding

It only requires a few supplies, flowers, bracelet blank, clasp and some strong glue. I like E6000.
Each bracelet blank has a different size bezel so lay out your flowers before you glue for a good fit.
Once you have your design chosen just put some glue, about a small pea size plop on the bezels
and add the flowers.
Set the bracelet aside to dry. I like to let it sit a few hours or overnight for a secure hold.
After the glue is dry, add your clasp and for fun, you can add a charm, like the little bee I added to the rose bracelet. I love all the bracelets I made and sent one to my sister in Oregon.
I showed some of my scrapping friends the rose bracelet when I had a crop a  few weeks ago. Everyone who came to my crop was added to a little drawing to win the rose bracelet with the Stampin' up flowers.
And finally now that I have posted this, the winner is Narda!! She will soon get a little treat in the mail!
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  1. That darn Narda! ;-) Love these and might have to make one for myself. Where did you find the bright Prima resin flowers? I have to get me some of those.

  2. Jenny, Scenic Route on line store.

  3. Berta! Yay you made my day! I love the rose bracelet and look forward to getting it. :) Thanks for wonderful surprise. You're so thoughtful!

  4. I have been coveting that bracelet ever since I saw it (jealous, Narda!) and I've looked at Michael's and Beverly's for the blank bracelet, to no avail. So thanks for link to the online store - I'm definitely CASE-ing you, Berta!! And I love how you used the other style flowers too. You should sell these on etsy!


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