Monday, April 18, 2011

Antique Fair Finds

Yesterday my hubby and I went to the Petaluma Antique Fair. It is held twice a year in nearby Petaluma and this was one of the first times my schedule and the fair coincided. We arrived just after 8:00am and it was already bustling. It was several blocks long with a few off shoots to the side. I did not go with a plan to buy anything specific, more to browse and see what caught my eye.

I am always on the lookout for milk glass, specially the "Hobnail" style.
But any vintage item I see to craft with, alter or use for storage is on my list.
My favorite store to shop at in Petaluma is Summer Cottage  a vintage/antique collective. I almost always find a new treasure. I found this rack last summer and it holds my
Close to My Heart stamp sets perfectly.

Yesterday I did not find a lot that spoke to my heart and said take me home,
but did find this case and some odds and ends to play with.

I am thinking I will take the old red travel case and turn it into a travel case for beading. I will remove the mirror in the lid and will make a holder for my beading tools, then keep my basic bead supplies like findings and wire in the bottom section. When I plan a project, I can just pick assorted bead cases to match my project, put them in the case then I can grab it and go.

The milk glass I bought for craft room storage, and well because it is milk glass!
The little paper cup has a pig on it so I could not pass it up. The other bits are buttons, vintage millinery flowers and fabric. All to add to my craft supplies.

My hubby bought me the vintage silver canoe charm to add to my overflowing charm bracelet. It is from Idaho and I spent almost every summer vacation while growing up, with a fishing visit to Lake Pend'orille in N. Idaho. I had never gotten a charm for my bracelet on those trips, so I have one now.

When I redo my new (to me) red case into a bead case I will post my how to's and finished project.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Cute finds! That red case it right up your alley! One of these days I will make it to the Petaluma Antique Fair again.

  2. What a fun day for you and DH!! And I love your fun finds, especially the little suitcase - and what you're going to do with it.


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