Friday, February 24, 2012

Scrappy Time

Today I am heading to my friend Narda's house for our mini scrappy retreat. She has her house all to herself this weekend and she invited me to come over and scrap. I of course said yes!

I have my car packed to over flowing, but don't want to forget something. We have a little collage project we will both be working on and I have lots of stuff packed for the collage, two mini albums, cards and some scrapbook layouts. I know I will not get it all done, but I will try my best!

Below is one of my latest projects. I needed a backing board for taking photos of layouts, cards and other crafty stuff. One of my favorite bloggers, Lisa Tutman Oglesby, posted this tutorial here, about photo styling. She made a similar photo board and that is where I got my inspiration. I made mine into an easel and only used recycled boards (we have a barn full) to create it.

I used existing tongue and groove scraps already cut to this length. About 20 inches.

I laid the boards out upside down on my table, locking the tongue and grooves together then laid two lengths of 1 x 4 on top and screwed all the boards together. I then added another 1 x 4 attached with a hinge, so I can use it as an easel. 
On the front I added a single strip of tongue and groove to the bottom as a rest for my layouts. 

A good wire brushing to clean up dirt and splinters and I was done. I think I will be adding a handle to the top, at the back, for easier carrying. I can use it flat or pop out the hinge and use it as an easel. 

I practiced taking photos and photographed my little Valentine greeting I display. 

This card was my recent birthday card from my friend Narda. Isn't it beautiful? 
I love having crafty friends!

Since I finished the board I wanted to try it out. And I am going scrapping this weekend and wanted some inspiration so I went through some layouts I have made. 

My hubby after shoulder surgery in his red felt tree skirt cape. 
He could not put on a shirt so I bought this cape as a joke.

My hubby turned 60 and we found this t-shirt in Old Town Sacramento just before his birthday and decided it would be his birthday shirt. I love when I have an easy title to come up with!

I scrapped some older photos recently. This one is two of my nephews back in 1961 or '62.

This photo is my sister Sally playing in the water in our front yard. 
The journaling is a scan of the back of the photo, written by my mom. 

This is one of me and my mom when I was small. I loved to hide behind my mom's big skirts. I used a sketch from Becky Fleck's Page Maps for this LO. 

My nephews Steven and Gregg playing cowboys in our front yard. My little nephew Gregg always was a very dramatic victim. He "got shot" with style! 

Another of my nephews at Christmas. 

My sister Sally and me with our Uncle Chester. He really was our favorite!

The candy aisle at Winco! There is every kind of bulk candy you could want!

Me and my sister Lou (the mom to the boys above). We were out shopping one day and found this card, and each secretly bought it for the other. We had a great laugh that night as we exchanged our cards. We both had no idea we had both bought each other the card. 

My son Henry and my hubby, back in 2000. I don't know what was so funny to Henry,
but I am so glad I caught this grin on film!!

My laundry is done and now I am off to scrap!!! Have a great weeknd, I know I will!
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  1. Great looking backdrop, Berta! Lucky you to have so much great barn wood just waiting for you to use up.

    I enjoyed browsing your nice scrapbook pages too. Nice to know you're a scrapbooker too. I hsven't scrapped in a while and I really need to get back to it and tackle all my unfinished pages.

    Awesome retro/present day photo of you and your hubby.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I am in awe. You are so talented.
    Always an inspiration.

  3. I just "lifted" one of your cards I found on Pinterest. I couldn't find it here on your blog, but I found a lot more inspiration! Thanks for sharing! Here is my "lift" http://faithfullyyours.net/Blog/color-me-happy/


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