Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Before.......

Today I am posting a couple of "before's"......to keep me on track to get them finished!! 

I have a couple of painting projects that I need to get done, and I figured if I posted them here, I might actually complete them in a timely manner!

First is a quick one to complete. I use this shelf my son built in high school wood shop for towels in my bathroom. I have two fabric boxes that sit on the top and bottom shelves that I bought at Ikea, that fit perfectly. But they were getting worn and soiled, and as they have card board stabilizers sewn inside, I could not wash them. Last time I went to Ikea, I bought some new boxes, but in a new print, cream & black toile. So I decided this shelf needs a new paint job also, so I will be painting it black. 

My next project is this table. It is my old dining room table I now use in my solarium. It has been through years of wear and tear with three boys. And keeping it in the solarium, where it can get up to 160 degrees on a hot day if the windows are not opened has also been hard on the finish. I will be painting it a creamy white and distressing the edges, as it will get that way soon around my house!
Ignore the painted floor that is really showing its age, another project to tackle! 

Both have been scrubbed with TSP cleaning solution, a bit of sanding and next the paint. 

Check back, for the finished looks! 

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