Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Card Swap Reveal

I recently hosted a card swap with 12 of my crafty friends and all of the cards have returned to me, ready to sort and pass out back to the group.
Because there were 13 crafters we each made 13 cards. Most everyone made the same or similar card 13 times and when all are sent to me (the host) I sort the cards and everyone gets one of their cards back and 12 new cards from the other crafters.
It is a fun way to add to your card stash and get lots of card crafting inspiration!
All of the cards that came back are just beautiful!

The first card is from Kelli, done in my favorite red/black/cream combo. Each card has a different embellishment. And is just beautiful! The second card is my poppy card as seen here

Ida's card is a pretty and pink. She used lots of die cuts and borders to shape her card.
Lara made a big flower card with pretty petals on a kraft background. With a button center, so sweet and lovely.

Karen made a lovely card with a beautiful butterfly flitting over some pretty pink flowers.
Lou's card has a sweet punched lace border and some beautiful hand crocheted flowers!

Both Heather and Jenny made pretty flower trio cards. Heather used 3 little buttons for her flowers and Jenny stamped and hand cut her flowers. Both used cute punched borders.
Jessica participated in her first card swap and made these pretty green, yellow & orange floral cards. Each one is slightly different. Some have stamped flowers, others have ribbon trim, but all are very pretty.
Tiffani's cheery green card has an embossed background and a patterned paper square with a punched butterfly embellishment.

Michelles fun card has a stamped bicycle carrying a pretty basket and boquet of "Flowersoft" flowers. Flowersoft adds such a great "touch me" accent to a card.

Ann's card is very similar to Tiffani's but because she used different papers, colors and trims it has a cheerful look all its own. Even if you use a card "sketch" or "map", your color choices make the card unique!
Narda's pretty butterfly card has layered stamping and is very elegant and beautiful.

Each of the ladies made a beautiful and unique card and they look even better in real life. I think when they get their cards back they will be pleased!!! I love hosting a card swap and seeing what all my talented, crafty friends come up with. I also get to add to my card stash, but most I can never part with :-)
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  1. Nice! A sneak peak at what I'm getting in the mail soon. :-)

  2. Great cards! Can't wait to get them! A lot of flowers and butterflies!!

  3. Loved the cards and can't wait to reveal them on my blog! Thanks for hosting the swap Berta.

  4. OOOooooo, I'm so sorry I was gone for this swap! All the cards are terrific. I hope you host another swap real soon (or maybe I should?).
    thanks for posting these, Berta.

  5. Awesome cards. So wish I had time to do a card swap because everyone does such amazing work.

  6. flowers & butterflies seem to be the theme, I will use them all. Thanks for hosting the swap Berta!!


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