Friday, July 1, 2011

7 1/2 minutes of Fame ;-)

Today I was featured in an online article in our local paper, the PressDemocrat. article.
Since the article only ran in the online edition, I did not see it in "print". So instead of 15 minutes of fame, I will settle for 7 1/2!

ETA: I made the "real" paper in the Saturday Home section! So I guess my 7 1/2 minutes of fame can really be 15 minutes! ;-)
Fourth fervor 

The paper ran a request for 4th of July celebrations and traditions and I submitted my 4th of July tree and was interviewed and photographed for the story.

I blogged about my tree here

It was fun to share about my tree and how the tradition got started. Since I love to decorate for every holiday when I started my holiday trees I already had lots of decorations for each season/holiday.
And each year it is fun to craft new decorations for the trees.
For the 4th of July tree I have made decorations to honor the service men in my family. One for my father-in-law Ray, who served in WWII. Another for my brother-in-law John who served in the Navy in the 50's and one for my hubby who served in Vietnam. They add a meaningful touch to my fun holiday tree!


  1. Wow! That is SO COOL! You will have to scrap that for sure. That's a great picture they took.

  2. WOW! You are famous! So cool and I love your tree!

  3. You're getting your whole 15 minutes today - in the real paper!!

  4. FANTASTIC, Berta!!! You're getting the recognition you so richly deserve! That is a great article - it deserves to be framed up on the wall!!!
    Just remember us little people now that you're a celebrity!!!

  5. How rewarding to get recognized for what you do! And a great idea to make a 4th of July tree.

  6. You too.... I go on vacation and miss out on the best things!! First Jenny's baby news and now your patriotic fame!! My neighbor took our newspapers in and I didn't see the wknd ones, I'll have to look online. Congrats Berta!!


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