Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family is the Best!

This weekend we hosted a family reunion at my home. My husbands family has a reunion that we host every summer. But my side of the family has not had a reunion since 2002!

My nephew was visiting some of his cousins while on a business trip, and he realized how long it had been since we all had gotten together. He called me about having a reunion and we decided my place is the biggest so we held it here at the ranch. My nephews are all less than 7 years or younger than me, so they are almost more like brothers, than nephews and all 6 of them have not been together in years. Adding my 3 boys and my niece we finally got all 10 cousins together! Adding in any cousins of mine who could come and my three sisters we made up a crowd of 49.

It has been a busy week here at my house cleaning, decorating, shopping, cooking and visiting!!! 
But so worth all the work!

Saturday morning started with a pancake breakfast! After working out a few electrical problems my nephew manned the griddles cooking pancakes for the crowd!

The kids all hit the pool while the "old" folks sat around and visited while waiting for all to show up. We were so lucky to have such nice weather that we could make good use of the pool. Our last reunion was so foggy and drippy it was almost raining!

We served BBQ tri tip, hot dogs, sausages, beans and salads and we all were stuffed after our meal, so a hike down to our redwood grove was called to order.

It is a bit of a hike down the hill (and then back up!) so when we got back it was time for our make your own ice cream sundae bar. Yummm!

The evening ended with a circle around the fire pit with games, catching up and just plain fun!
With this busy week I have not had much crafting time at all! I can't wait to get back into my craft room.
But having family gather was the best reason to miss my crafts.
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  1. Looks like the reunion was a success and the weather cooperated! Great group photo! One of these days I will the trip down to check out your grove.

  2. I want to have a party at Berta's house! :-)

  3. how wonderful that you revived the reunion! Great photos to scrapbook!


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