Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vintage Holiday

My house is almost decorated for the holidays. The village is set up, the Santas and snowmen are displayed. I have a small forest of mini trees decked out in the living room as well.
All five of the big trees are up and decorated.
Each of my sons have their own tree, so I only have to decorate 2 trees.
I get help with the main big tree as it is usually 11 feet tall. Since we grow them here on the ranch cost does not matter, so we can go as big as will fit. And with so many trees I need  a lot of ornaments to fill to fill them out. And since I love to craft, crafting special ornaments for the trees is even better.

The little deer ornament below was made from a music paper pin wheel. The ends of the pleated paper were cut on a diagonal to make points at each fold. I added a crepe paper rosette, then layered a circle of super sticky sheet on top of that. I cut the little image of the deer from patterned paper about a 1/4 inch smaller than the adhesive circle. I centered the paper circle in the middle and and sprinkled glass glitter on the remaining exposed adhesive. Added a little vintage poinsettia and all done.

The next ornament started with 4 inch wide sheets of music paper strips I scalloped edged with my jumbo scallop scissors. One of the best Dollar Store items I have ever bought! I scored the paper at each "scallop" and connect 3 strips to make a circle.
On top of that I placed a vintage Christmas light reflector I scored at my fav thrift shop, The Legacy. A big gallon sized bag stuffed with odds & ends of reflectors for .25 cents! About 30 or more reflector pieces. On top of that I placed a scallop circle of glitter paper and a circle with a Santa image.

My next ornament uses one of my favorite vintage images from clearly vintage. I started out with 3 inch squares of music paper rolled into a cone and adhered. I then adhered all of the cones to a 3 inch circle of chipboard. I started at the top, bottom and side points, 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock
and 9 o'clock. I adhered the points with glue. Then filled in the circle with more cones. I made sure all the cone "points" faced the same direction in the circle.
After they were dry I placed several thick foam squares in the middle of the circle and placed another chipboard circle edged with glass glitter in the middle of the paper cones. You only need to put glitter on the outside 1/2 in. edge of this circle.
Then a circle punched from my vintage image printed on matte photo paper on top the glittered circle. A few silver leaves and a vintage pink rose finish the ornament. I re-enforced the punched circle for the hanger with more music paper on the back.

Here is the same image adhered to a glittered chipboard snowflake. A few flowers and rhinestones and you are done. Super simple!

The Santa star here looks very simple, but when you turn the ornament around as in the second photo, you see a three dimensional star.

The shape is formed from a flat 5 pointed star. 

Cut a star from chipboard and score as shown in the black lines below. Fold each point tip to center in a mountain fold and each section where the points meet to center in a valley fold. Fold each score line and do the same with a piece of music paper. Layer and adhere these together. Cover a large square of chipboard with pattern paper and place the folded star right side up on the chipboard square (pattern paper side down). Make sure all the folds are even and adhere the edges of the raised star to the chipboard square with liquid glue. Hold in place with your hands until set.
When glue is completely dry, trim away the excess chipboard square. Edge the star with glue and add glass glitter. A sticker is added to the front and back. Poke a hole at the top and add a hanger. 

The last ornament is made from another light reflector. This a silver star with a red metallic flower in the center. I added a silver glittered scalloped circle over the flower and placed a chipboard image in the center of that. 

I punched holes at the top and bottom of the star and strung beads and two old vintage glass Christmas garland beads on to silver pipe cleaners. 

Thanks for looking and if you have any ???'s, let me know.

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  1. Love these. I'm going to try making some. Thanks for the inspirations.


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