Monday, September 26, 2011

Girls road trip

This past week I headed up to Oregon to visit my sister in Sam's Valley and a girls road trip to Portland. 

I drove up to Lou's on Sunday,  and we headed up to Portland on Monday. We had no set plans so we could stop when ever we wanted. Being a Monday, many of the antique and vintage shops were closed, but we found a few in Aurora and I found a couple of treasures. 
Our first stop in Portland was Fabric Depot a huge fabric store. We only have JoAnn's here in Sonoma county. I found several fabrics for some upcoming projects and gifts I want to make. 
Our next stop was Powells Books. It is a huge store and you can get lost in there for hours and we did!
After a quick dinner we looked for a hotel downtown, but all were full. We found a room by the airport and Ikea, and since that would be our next stop we stayed there. 
In the morning after breakfast at IHOP, we hit IKEA. I was looking for a cabinet or bookcase to hold my scrapbooks. I found one, with glass doors that will hold them perfectly and protect them from dust. Now I just have to build it!
Our next stop was Edgefield. An old county poor farm turned into a pub, hotel and gardens and much more. 

The herb garden was full of late summer blooms and very pretty.

We stopped in Gresham, Troutdale and several other spots and then headed home to Lou's. 

On Wednesday I went with my sister to the Antelope Social Club pot luck luncheon. 
Some of the ladies have been meeting for over 40 years!
After the luncheon we stopped at a few stores in Shady Cove. One store, Shady Kate's has this tree outside filled with ties. 
After we stopped in Eagle Point at the Butte Creek Mill where the water driven mill has been grinding grains for over 130 years. I remember visiting this mill for years on my trips to Oregon. 
 On Thursday Lou, her friend Aleta and I headed up to Grants Pass for lunch at Taprock. It is right on the Rogue River, a beautiful view!
After we ate we headed across the street to ShopRiverRock.  A nice day out!

Anybody lose their keys? 

On Saturday, Lou's friends Aleta and Ida came over to craft and learn some new paper crafting ideas. 
I had brought some supplies with me to craft some Halloween ornaments for my Halloween tree. I will post those when I put up my tree and Halloween decorations. 

Sunday I headed home with my loaded truck and memories of a fun week. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I didn't know Oregon had such neat places to explore - it seems more like New England. And its just over our border (note to self...future road trip).
    Thanks for posting your travelogue. It's getting me even more excited for my road trip to Idaho next week!


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