Monday, September 5, 2011


Today, Tuesday, is the first day of my last week of work at my current job.
I am not changing my job by choice, my job is changing me.
For the first time in my work life I will be unemployed. I will not have a reason to hit my snooze alarm 2 or 3 times and drag myself out of bed. Get ready for work and drive the 40 minutes to get there.

But I am not sad. I have known this was coming for a while now and I am thankful I have had time to plan and think about my future, many others have not been so lucky.
But what will my future hold?
I do not know.
Go back to school? Look for work in an entirely different job? Who knows?
I am thinking of taking a break and exploring what my future may be.

Change can be scary. Change can be exciting. Change is inevitable.
What we do about the change is what affects us most.
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  1. I'm thinking about you Berta! You deserve to enjoy some time off for yourself, after that you will find what's next for you.

  2. I'm thinking about you too, and what a big change you're going to have. I love Gilda Radner's quote - its so important for us all to make the best out of every moment of our lives.

  3. Beautiful quote and rose. It looks like the Peace rose.
    I look forward to seeing you more! I just love your ideas posted here. The pig is just precious and I'm not a pig fan.


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