Monday, August 8, 2011

Some Bling and a Goodbye...

Sunday was a sad day as I saw my long time hair stylist for the last time. She will be moving to Tennessee next month and will no longer to be able to cut and style my hair and keep those greys away!
 She has been cutting my hair since before her daughter was born and her daughter graduated from college this June! Almost 22 years!She has been more than just a stylist, but also a friend.
Jennifer, I wish you and Bruce well in Tennessee! And I sure hope we can visit sometime too!
I made this card and took her flowers. I wanted to take her a gift, but not one she would have to pack!

I have been working so much lately that I have not had much time to scrap or craft. I cannot wait until Sept 9th!! I was able to squeeze in a scrappy afternoon with my friend Heather on Saturday after work. It was so nice to sit and scrap and visit with Heather at her house for an afternoon.

A while back I posted this red suitcase I found at the Petaluma Antique Faire. I wanted to turn it into a jewelry crafting case.

I have been working on it off and on the past few months or so and finally finished it about a month ago. But then I wanted to try it out and do some beading and jewelry making. A few evenings this last week I hauled the case out to my living room and made some jewelry to try out the case. So far it is working out great!
I took out the mirror and fashioned a tool holder to fit inside the lid. Below are the basic steps I took to make my tool holder to go where the mirror was before. I used foam core as my base and some vintage fabric
and elastic.

I wanted the holder to be secure inside the lid so I used two kinds of adhesive. Really tacky tape and a silicone adhesive liquid. And I was careful as I placed the holder in the case to not glue any of the cute red ruffle behind the tool holder. And really strong carpet thread to keep the fabric taught on the foamcore.

And the outside needed a little glam also, so glued some braid around the case and finished the ends with some sparkly vintage red & silver buttons. Again I used more really tacky tape and fabric fusion glue. If one glue is good, two must be better!
All done and filled with my basic supplies. Just add some bead cases with my project beads and I am good to go, to bead and craft anywhere.

And I did!
I made two pairs of earrings and a little pink nest for my friend who is having a baby! She has not gotten it yet, so I guess this spoils the surprise ;-)

I also made this vintage necklace, using a resin flower from my scrapping supplies and anything else that struck my fancy.

If you have any questions about the card, case or jewelry, just post a comment and I will get back to you!

As always, thanks for visiting!

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  1. Awww, Berta what a sweet post. You will be missed also! What a joy to have clients that become friends. Thank you for my beautiful card, and I am so enjoying my flowers in the "ugly" vase, so I won't be tempted to pack it! So thoughtful, you are one of the few people who would plan that well, I love it!! :)

  2. OMGosh! I love that cute little pink nest necklace. I hope I'm that "friend" ;) And your jewelry case turned out too cute. Way to re-purpose the case. How sad that your hair stylist is leaving the state. I hope you find someone new.

  3. Berta, I am so impressed by your remodeling skills!!! You really turned that case into something special.
    And your jewelry is FABULOUS! That little pink nest, in particular (wish I could be pregnant, just to get one, teehee!). How did you make that? Is it wire and pearls?

  4. Lisa & Jenny, the wire nest is easy, just start twisting some wire into a circle then just wrap and twist to form a nest shape. String on 3 pearls, one at a time, working the wire in and out. Then just twist and wrap until you have a nest, adding more wire around the "eggs" to make a nest or cup shape. Make a wrapped loop where you think the "top" looks best, weave in your wire end and you are done. I saw the "pink" wire on sale at J's and just new it would make a cute nest for a little mama who knew she was having a girl. Blue wire would make a cute "boy" nest too!


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