Monday, August 29, 2011

Crafty Weekend

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend crafting and since work has been no fun at all lately I decided to take advantage of the chance to play. A wonderful lady who loves to craft and scrap hosts a weekend "retreat" 4 times a year in one of the conference rooms where she works. We can scrap or craft Friday from 5:30 to midnight. Saturday 9am to midnight and Sunday 9am to 5pm. We have use of the tables and chairs and "kitchen", so we can bring in our meals to heat up or go out and grab a bite.
Once we set up Friday, we can leave our stuff "out" until we leave on Sunday. Just go home and sleep in your own bed each night. We can just scrap one day, 2 days or all three. I was on a roll and scrapped all three days this time :)
And did I mention, this is all FREE!

One of my crafty projects started out with this little foam pig I found here for just .50 cents.

After decoupaging the "P" section of an old dictionary to the little pig I ended up with this.
And there are some very appropriate placements of certain words.

Since we bring in our own food or go out to eat I stopped at the deli counter on Friday night for my dinner. I added this container of Pringles to my purchase and enjoyed the chips on Sat as a snack. I did not toss the container right away so it sat on my table for a day. On Sunday afternoon I had a strip of pattern paper I had cut, but did not use on a scrapbook page, that was just the height of the Pringles can.
I could not just pass the opportunity up so I cleaned out the can, grabbed my adhesive and altered the can that would have been garbage, into a container for storage, or treats or however you could find a use for it!

I had scrapped about 5 layouts also and was going through all my "kits" and page plans I have been carrying around from crop to crop and decided to finish this little mini album I started almost two years ago!
And I am so glad I did as I really like how it turned out.

I don't know why it took me so long to get it made? I guess the "mojo" just wasn't there and waited all this time to show up until this past Saturday?

I also completed about 5 layouts this weekend and will post those later this week.
A very successful crafty weekend! And a fun time to share ideas and laughter with some of my scrapping cohorts!

Thanks for looking!
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  1. Very cute projects Berta! How did you add the ears to miss piggy? Love the detailed dictionary pork parts on her, LOL!
    And the mini looks great. Glad you got to be crafty for the weekend, you do inspire!

  2. Narda, I just made a "groove" into the foam and paper and slipped paper covered chipboard into the grooves. Use enough decoupage medium and they won't go anywhere :)

  3. OhMyWord is that little piggy CUTE! Love her! And all your other projects are as cute as ever. Sorry I had to miss the crop....but I did have fun soaking in the lake and being lazy camping all weekend :)

  4. I was one of the lucky ones who got to see these creations IRL. The piggy is soooo cute, and I love how you finished her off with the vintage flower and eyelashes!!!
    And the cupcake album is just adorable - these photos don't do it justice - its a complete "Awwwww...".
    And since you're always crafty, are we surprised you turned a piece of trash into a super-cute container? Now I'm going to feel guilty every time I dispose of something like this!


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